The Importance of Technical Expertise in BigCommerce Development: Finding the Right Partner

Posted on: 13 Mar 2023 by Nidheesh KK

As you know, BigCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform that lets organizations create and manage online stores. However, you will need high technical expertise to develop an efficient BigCommerce online store since the forum requires customizations.

Of course, you need a BigCommerce development partner. However, picking the right partner for a BigCommerce store is difficult since hundreds of BigCommerce developers are in the market. Moreover, choosing the right BigCommerce partner depends on various factors such as budget, customer support, experience, etc.

But before that, it’s better to get an overview of the BigCommerce platform and its benefits!

Overview of BigCommerce as an eCommerce Platform

As mentioned above, BigCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform where you can create and manage online stores. It provides different features such as customizable templates, mobile optimization, safe checkout, and built-in SEO tools.

In addition, you can also integrate third-party tools and software with Bigcommerce to streamline your workflow. So there’s no doubt that BigCommerce is a scalable solution for companies to expand their online presence.

Benefits of using BigCommerce

Here are the top benefits offered by the BigCommerce platform.


BigCommerce works great on smartphones! Since most people use their mobile phones for online shopping, businesses can attract more customers using this platform. In addition, BigCommerce also offers a wide variety of themes and templates, allowing customers to customize their shopping carts. So eventually, customers will be delighted with their shopping experience.

24×7 Support

BigCommerce has one of the most responsive and friendly customer support. The platform offers 24×7 Support to the clients, ensuring every customer issue is solved as quickly as possible. Moreover, customers can contact the support team via live chat, emails, or phone calls.

Multi-channel Integration

The designers of BigCommerce knew very much that you would need more than one channel to work on. So that’s why they offer multi-channel Support where users can easily integrate BigCommerce with various platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc., to expand their online presence. As a result, it helps you attract more customers and improves your website traffic.

SEO Optimisation

BigCommerce offers many valuable tools to enhance SEO and website traffic. Knowing the importance of SEO, BigCommerce lets you edit URLs and meta descriptions, add keywords, sitemaps, etc. In other words, BigCommerce supports all up-to-date SEO practices, helping you rank higher in search engines.


Security is a significant concern, especially when running an online store. However, BigCommerce has robust security features such as SSL certificates, fraud detection, and compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) regulations to ensure safe payments and avoid theft. So businesses, as well as customers, can feel safe with a BigCommerce online store.

Why you need Technical Expertise in BigCommerce Development?

It is an era of online stores and online shopping. So many online stores are available today, with their numbers increasing rapidly. Therefore, you must have competent technology professionals to survive in this competitive market. Similarly, it would help if you got reliable BigCommerce development services to launch and develop your online store successfully.

The BigCommerce partner should be well aware of the platform’s features, customization options, and integrations and be able to develop scalable codes. In addition, the BigCommerce development company should also focus on improved user experience and customer loyalty because these are the main pillars that drive more sales.

Finally, an expert BigCommerce app development company would offer 24×7 Support and maintenance to ensure the online store runs without hassles. So organizations wishing to set up a successful online store must contact the best BigCommerce partner to save time and money.

Benefits of Working with a Technical Expert in BigCommerce Development

As mentioned above, working with an expert BigCommerce app development team offers many benefits. Here are the most important benefits:

Professional Looking Online Store

The appearance of your online store is one of the most critical factors. A professional-looking store automatically attracts customers and reflects your brand’s quality. So a robust BigCommerce website development partner always builds a store that is attractive and engaging to visitors. Since their developers would be specialists in BigCommerce, creating a beautiful online store will be a minor deal for them!


The BigCommerce eCommerce development team will know your business will be different forever. So they always create a website in such a way that it is scalable. In other words, as your business grows and evolves, you can quickly scale the website. Moreover, you can save the cost and time of creating a new website every time your business expands.

Save Expenses

An expert BigCommerce app development company always offers services at a reliable pricing range. Moreover, most BigCommerce partners have many affordable plans from which you can choose according to your business needs. So you only have to pay for what you use, thus, saving much cost.

Faster Launch

As you know, only technical experts can complete a project successfully and on time. So if you wish to launch your BigCommerce store as quickly as possible, you must associate with an expert BigCommerce partner. Their team will work solely on your project and put maximum effort into completing your website on time. As a result, you can enter faster into the BigCommerce market and gain a competitive advantage.

Improved Website Performance

Website performance is another underlying factor that defines the success of your business. When you have technical experts by your side, optimizing the website to ensure that it performs well on all devices is more accessible. Eventually, you will witness improved user experience, higher conversion rates, and better search engine rankings.

Better Security

Even though BigCommerce is a secure platform, your online store may need more robust security features. A good BigCommerce partner will enforce strong security standards to protect customer data and prevent unauthorized access to your website. It improves customer trust and loyalty and eliminates expensive data breaches.

Factors to be Considered While Choosing the Right BigCommerce Partner

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right BigCommerce development partner can be confusing. However, considering the following factors will help you make the right choice.

Background and Technical Expertise

The best BigCommerce theme development services will have designers and developers able to design exactly how you want for your website. Most BigCommerce website development companies feature a portfolio of websites that they have previously created or built. They might have also mentioned their technical expertise, like whether they offer customizable templates or themes. So you must check their website to know everything about their background and technical knowledge.

Customer Support

Ensure that the BigCommerce app development company offers responsive customer service. So choosing a BigCommerce development company committed to a minimum number of projects is always advised. Technical difficulties may arise, and it is essential to have excellent customer support to deliver timely solutions.


A good BigCommerce website development company will communicate well with its clients, explaining technical concepts clearly and understandably. Good communication skills also mean designers listen to their client’s requirements and feedback. Moreover, their customer support team should also listen carefully and understand the client’s issues before finding a way to solve them.


Cost is an essential factor to consider before buying anything! Therefore, you should study the pricing plan of the BigCommerce development company and check whether it matches your budget. Also, compare the pricing plans of a few BigCommerce development companies on your bucket list and choose the most reliable one.


As mentioned earlier, your website design is an integral part of your online store, and a preliminary design can seriously affect your business. The developers of your BigCommerce theme development services should know how to use design features properly to create a visually appealing website. Also, ensure they offer a variety of customizable themes and templates that match your brand’s colours.


Always choose a BigCommerce development company that is flexible. In other words, your BigCommerce partner should be able to deliver consistent solutions, adapting to your changing business needs. If you select a flexible BigCommerce partner, you may not have to switch to a different company as your business grows or transforms.


As you can see, technical expertise is necessary for efficient BigCommerce development, and the first step to achieving this goal is to find the right BigCommerce partner.

This guide helped you decide the right BigCommerce development company for your business. By having the best BigCommerce partner on your side, you can have many benefits, including improved website performance, customized design, more visibility, data security, and future scalability.

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