List of top 5 BigCommerce development companies in the USA in 2023

Posted on: 16 Feb 2023 by Andrew Oscar D'coutho

The eCommerce industry is seeing astronomical growth in the number of online stores. So, as more businesses go online, how can you stand out from the rest?

Well, before embarking on this extensive journey, the first step you need to take is to choose the right eCommerce platform.

BigCommerce Platforms & eCommerce

There are over 1 million BigCommerce stores worldwide, and 66.1% of the BigCommerce stores are in the United States.

BigCommerce is strongly dominating the marketplace and has become the first choice of retailers in the US due to its potential to accelerate the growth of multifold businesses.

To make your BigCommerce store a lead magnet, you need to assign it to a company that has years of expertise in the design & development field. We have curated an exclusive list of top BigCommerce developers in the US to help you pick the best-fit website.

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Bigcommerce Development Companies In The USA

We have shortlisted these BigCommerce development companies after analyzing and considering various factors. The companies on our list are well-known for their services and have acclaimed positive reviews from clients.

#1- eGlobe 

eGlobe is a leading and globally trusted BigCommerce development company in the US, as it follows internationally recognized coding standards and business practices to design and develop BigCommerce stores. They offer exemplary full-suite eCommerce development services aiming to provide best-in-class solutions to customers worldwide. Some tools and technologies they use to bring ideas to life include Angular, react, HTML, etc. Apart from development, eGlobe also meets the end-to-end maintenance and support requirements.

eGlobe has worked with businesses from around the world and across various industries allowing them to gain extensive knowledge. Along with specializing in BigCommerce development services eGlobe also specializes in Shopify, WooCommerce, and Adobe commerce development services. The reason why eGlobe is on the list of top BigCommerce development companies in the US is the trust companies of all shapes & sizes have in them. Partner with them to build reliable and scalable BigCommerce stores and accelerate the growth of your business.

Core Services Offered By eGlobe 

  • eCommerce Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • UI UX Development
  • QA Services
  • App Maintenance & Services
  • CMS Development Services
  • Custom App Development

Advantages of hiring eGlobe as a BigCommerce development agency

  • Over a decade of expertise and experience
  • Certified BigCommerce partner
  • Experts in delivering interactive and feature-rich BigCommerce stores to hundreds of clients across the globe.
  • A collaborative and solution-oriented team that ensures the development process is hassle-free.
  • A globally leading IT company that focuses on timely delivering cost-effective solutions.


#2- Codup 

Codup is a full-service BigCommerce development company with over 100 team members to deliver custom software solutions. They have expertise in providing tailored solutions to retailers and wholesalers. From the planning stage to the final promotion stage, their development team will effectively guide you through the process.

Core Services Offered by Codup 

  • B2B ECommerce Development
  • B2C ECommerce Development
  • Custom Software Development Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • API Integration


#3- Absolute Web

Absolute Web is a digital commerce and marketing agency that boasts various awards across its website. It is among the top BigCommerce development companies in the US because of the expertise that they bring to the table. They have more than 20 years of experience in this field; it won’t be wrong to say they were early adopters of this technology. Moreover, they have a team of passionate experts with vast experience in helping and growing businesses.

Core Services Offered By Absolute Web 

  •  eCommerce Solutions
  • Custom Web Development
  • UI/UX Web Design
  • Digital Marketing


#4- SoftwareHut 

SoftwareHut specializes in delivering bespoke solutions and is among the list of top BigCommerce development companies. They have 7+ years of experience in building award-winning products from an idea and leverage the power of technologies like React Native, React.js, Flutter, Java, Vue.js, etc., to create solutions that thrive in the cutthroat marketplace.

Core Services Offered By SoftwareHut 

  •  Web Development
  • Dedicated IT Systems
  • Mobile Development
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • IoT Development
  • AR/VR Development


#5- Ziffity Solutions 

Ziffity is a BigCommerce development company that started its journey in 2014 and has experience building lead-generating digital solutions. It has a team of in-house certified professionals who have helped businesses design and build customer-centric solutions with innovative technologies.

Core Services Offered By Ziffity Solutions 

  •  Development Services
  • Managed Services
  • Integration Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Digital Marketing Services


Why Should You Build An eCommerce Store On BigCommerce In 2023? 

As we are now acquainted with the top BigCommerce development companies in the US, let’s now understand how BigCommerce can help you to thrive in your business.

BigCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform. It has more than 60,000 active users, and in the coming years, it will see an upsurge in this number.

Here we will unfold why you should choose BigCommerce to build your online store in 2023.  

BigCommerce is an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform.

With technological advancement in full swing, it has become imperative for online businesses to ace the SEO game. By SEO optimizing your e-store, you can stay atop the marketplace.

But what to do when SEO algorithms are changing dynamically? BigCommerce is packed with SEO-friendly features like optimized URLs, titles, and descriptions by manually adding keywords to the SEO fields. 

BigCommerce has mobile-friendly features. 

In 2022 more than 56% of the online traffic came from mobile devices. Therefore as an upcoming eCommerce store, you need to focus on making your store mobile friendly.

With 100+ responsive mobile-friendly templates and themes BigCommerce allows you to optimize your website and enhance the shopping experience for mobile users. 

BigCommerce allows users to track purchasing decisions.

Running a business without knowing what your customer wants is like walking on a dark path. However, BigCommerce can be that candle to light up the dark road.

BigCommerce has ingenious features that allow users to track and monitor the buying patterns of their customers. Analyzing the customer’s buying patterns enables business owners to make customized and data-backed decisions that significantly elevate the revenue threshold of their business. 

BigCommerce has inbuilt marketing & advertising features. 

Every business has to incur the cost of marketing and advertising to promote themselves and attract customers; however, BigCommerce has all the essential features to cut down the marketing and advertising costs from the bills.

BigCommerce is built with intrinsic marketing and advertising features for PPC, SEO, Social media, and content marketing to increase your profit margins. 

BigCommerce has automated features and a variety of apps.

BigCommerce has automated checkout, inventory management, billing, order management, etc., services that allow the business to focus on the core activities and save time from mundane tasks.

Moreover, it also offers an array of apps for integration and has an unbeatable uptime of 99.99% ( which is pretty impressive!)

BigCommerce is ideal for B2B & B2C marketplaces 

BigCommerce is a perfect choice for both B2B & B2C marketplaces. It has out-of-the-box features that seamlessly facilitate both marketplaces and ensure they grow fast in this competitive business environment.

BigCommerce development services must be your obvious choice after all the benefits mentioned above.



After meticulously studying the market, we have mentioned the best BigCommerce development companies.

Becoming a certified BigCommerce partner that gets along well and understands your business requirements to design the development roadmap strategically is what we proficiently do at eGlobe.

Along with this, professionals at eGlobe strive hard to meet business requirements with the help of edge-cutting technologies and result-driven methodologies.

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