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eGlobe encompasses a team of certified and expert testing engineers who have designed and delivered award-winning testing strategies and results for over a decade. We are known to be a customer-centric company, as we always put the needs of our customers first. We then execute result-driven strategies to ensure our customers thrive in the cut-throat marketplace.
To ensure maximum results for our QA services, we approach our clients with a transparent and cost-effective QA process. We know you want to present a foolproof, perfect, bug-free solution to your customers. Therefore, we use edge-cutting technologies and the best quality testing and control measures to deliver you in-depth results and insights quickly.
  • Quality Control & Testing

    Expedite your product’s life cycle and establish complete control over the testing & monitoring phase with end-to-end QA services. Our QA experts leverage the latest practices and international standards to help you launch your product foolproof.

  • Quality Management

    Delivering quality-driven results is one of the core values we practise at eGlobe. Therefore our QA engineers strictly follow the international certifications and standards to help you maintain the quality of the product or service.


QA Solutions

eGlobe is the fastest-growing development company that delivers a full-spectrum of QA & testing solutions by implementing best-in-class testing methodologies and quality control measures.

  • Mobile

    QA engineers test mobile solutions against many parameters across various platforms to ensure full-fledged functionality, compatibility, and performance of the solution.

  • Desktop

    eGlobe will empower your desktop solutions with impeccable full-cycle QA testing services to ensure that your solution is bug-free, responsive, secure, and scalable.

  • Web

    We ensure optimal quality after meticulously testing your web solution regardless of the diverse front-end and back-end architectural and technical complexities.

QA Services

eGlobe offers stand-alone and integrated QA solutions to businesses worldwide. Here is a list of a wide array of best-in-class QA services offered by eGlobe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are QA services?

QA services are a set of practices to ensure that a specific product achieves a quality check using a set of established quality standards. The primary aim of QA is to achieve efficiency and improvise the development process by investigating and reveliving the bugs and other redundancies.

What are the benefits of QA services?

Despite a careful development process, QA services are essential to launching a bug-free product. Here are a few benefits of QA:
  • It drives robust security
  • Offers better user experience
  • Prevents future breakdowns
  • It makes the product future-ready

How much does QA testing cost?

You can determine the cost of QA testing by considering the following factors:
  • Level of quality you are expecting
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Tools & technologies used
  • The complexity of the process

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