Platform Upgrade & Migration Services

eGlobe is a leading software development company with hands-on experience leveraging innovative technologies and other support services. We build unique digital solutions that run seamlessly in the online & offline ecosystem for clients and assist them in upgrading their existing software platform, technologies, servers, and other applications to the latest ones.

We help you migrate your data risk-free and eliminate the possibilities of low loading speed, potential risks, outdated software versions, etc. With the end-to-end upgrade and migration services, our team of experts take proper care in reducing downtime, increasing loading speed, and improving the performance of your digital solutions on time, allowing you to drive maximum benefits to our clients worldwide.

  • End-To-End Digital Platform Upgrade

    eGlobe delivers innovative end-to-end digital platform upgrade services that enable businesses to deliver excellent user experience with improved security standards and accelerated ROI and build a loyal customer base that thrives on enriched functionalities.

  • Effortless & Fast Data Migration

    Data Migration can be challenging, but our dedicated team of professionals work around the clock to keep the vast quantities of your highly confidential data in sync across systems with minimal downtime allowing businesses to reap the benefits of the migration process immediately.

Benefits Of Upgrade & Migration Services

Roll out all the bugs & inefficiencies of your digital solution by partnering with certified & qualified experts. Upgrading & migrating your solutions help you with many benefits in terms of productivity, performance, and ease of use.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Implementing upgrades or migrating your solutions eliminates the security risks and runs your platform on robust protocols.

  • Accelerated ROI

    Use out-of-the-box practices and the latest innovations to maximize productivity, enhance user engagement and accelerate ROI.

  • Enhanced Scalability

    Increase the scalability of your solutions by switching to the latest technologies & innovations & data migration services.

  • Improved Performance

    Improve the performance of your existing digital application by opting in for the latest upgrade and data migration services.


Leverage our expert experience of over a decade in upgrading solutions and migrating data risk-free. We help businesses fuel revenue and growth with end-to-end upgrade & migration services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are upgrade and migration services?

Upgrade means upgrading or replacing your existing system with the latest and most advanced technology stack. It helps your app use the latest version of the currently trending technology, platform, operating system or process and be compatible with all new apps and plugins.

Migration is transferring your existing data into a new system or technology without loss or downtime so that your users will find it more performing, optimized, and secure.

Why is data migration significant?

Data migration is transferring/moving data from one system to another. From the outside, it may seem like a simple task, but it involves changing the storage and application of the data without loss or corruption. Data drives today’s business world; therefore, data migration plays a critical role in modern businesses because:

  • It helps you prepare for a disaster recovery plan.
  • It enables businesses to adopt the latest technologies.
  • It allows businesses to become agile and avoid getting locked into specific platforms.
  • It enhances the quality of the data.

How to choose an upgrade & data migration company?

To smoothly perform upgrade & data migration services, it is essential to hire a professional company. Here are some of the tips you can keep in mind when choosing the best upgrade & migration company:

  • Accurately provide a detailed cost estimate, downtime, uptime, and total completion time.
  • Guarantee the security of the data, safe transfer, and confidentiality of the data.
  • Look at their overall industry experience and client testimonials.
  • Ask for a dedicated customer account manager and weekly or interval-based reports.
  • Evaluate their competency and experience in upgrading platforms relevant to the technology stack you are looking for.

How much time will it take to upgrade from MAGENTO 1 to MAGENTO 2?

A substantial amount of time goes into upgrading the Magento platform. Depending on the complexity of your digital commerce solution. Upgrading a Magento platform includes creating an effective strategy and requires extra effort to run a predesigned script. Here are a few factors that you can consider to decide the time-consumption of the upgradation process:

  • The complexity of the store.
  • Level of customisation required
  • Whether you need to add or modify the elements in it.
  • The amount of data it holds.
  • The number of active users or transactions happening, etc.

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