Top BigCommerce Integrations Your Business Needs in 2024

Posted on: 23 Jan 2023 by Nidheesh KK

BigCommerce is a popular eCommerce development platform.

With more than 60,000 online stores, this profitable eCommerce platform is helping businesses worldwide to grow their business 2x.

The reason behind the massive popularity and success of BigCommerce is the stellar integrations!

Yes, these integrations make eCommerce retailers’ life easy with result-driven features and help build a solid online presence.

But how can you choose the best BigCommerce integrations that align with your goal and deliver exceptional results?

Well, we have got your back!

In this blog, we have mentioned the best BigCommerce integrations to grow your business and take it to the next level in 2023.

Let’s dive in!


Best BigCommerce Integrations To Grow Your Business In 2023

1.   MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools in this world, and there is no denying it. However, it is also one of the best BigCommerce integrations for retailers looking forward to organising their audience and engaging with them effectively.

You can engage with your audience by retargeting emails, sending post-purchase emails, sales/coupon emails, etc. and interacting with them based on their behaviour.

It levels up your email marketing game and encapsulates tools to support customer journeys at each step.

You can perform A/B testing to ensure what works for you and what you need to improve. Such powerful insights will help you to craft result-driven strategies.

2.   Rebillia Platform

Rebillia is a BigCommerce platform that helps businesses to manage their subscription plans. This BigCommerce integration helps businesses to customise their subscription plans.

This specific BigCommerce plugin will automate the recurring orders for the buyers to encourage their customers to place orders in subscriptions. The subscription model can accelerate your business by enhancing customer retention and relationship and enabling businesses to earn more steady and promising income.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to increasing the momentum of your BigCommerce store’s cycle-based payment module, then Rebillia should be your choice.

3.   Shogun Page Builder

Is coding a head-scratcher for you?

If yes, then the Shogun page builder is for you!

This BigCommerce integration relieves those who want to drop and drag outstanding elements into any theme. They have everything under one roof, from beautifully written simple texts to videos and maps!

Their expansive library even has an exciting countdown element embedded which you can place during sales to grab the eyeballs of many customers.

4.   Sellbrite

Sellbrite is an inventory management BigCommerce integration that helps you to manage and fulfil orders seamlessly.

We know that managing orders are an absolute nightmare for eCommerce owners, but with such integrations, it’s just a piece of cake! First, it automates inventory management by synchronising your sales and stored items.

Moreover, if you have bulk orders, you should now check out Sellbrite’s Amazon FBA support and skyrocket your revenue. (and thank us later!)

5.   Justuno

Analytics is the cornerstone of online business. It would help if you had real-time analytics to create accurate and action-driven strategies.

The eCommerce solution significantly improves the sales funnel and abandoned cart rate to take your customer’s journey to another level.

This BigCommerce integration is built with robust capabilities to empower the BigCommerce ecosystem; therefore, if you want to crack the sales & marketing strategies for your eCommerce business on BigCommerce based on data-backed information, then Justuno is best for you.

6.   Yotpo

Yotpo swiftly integrates with BigCommerce stores and seamlessly engages with your customers by asking for feedback and ratings!

Don’t worry; it won’t poke its nose 24×7 in your customer’s life. Instead, it will take the feedback once the customer leaves, send it for review to the shop owner, and send a gift coupon to the customer once authenticated. (yes, it’s a win-win situation for both!)

Moreover, with commendable features like supporting 25 + languages, helpful-customer support, free plan with many features, it has got our hearts.

7.   SEO Rich Snippets

Many eCommerce stores are built on BigCommerce because it supports and perfectly aligns with SEO activities. As a result, providing best-in-class SEO integrations to scale online marketing has been a top priority of BigCommerce.

That’s why we introduce you to the result-awarding BigCommerce integration “SEO rich snippets.”

This tool will help you write SEO-rich snippets that will not only enhance your search results but also help you rank high on search engines.

Point to be noted: Except for writing snippets, it won’t support any other SEO activity.

8.   LiveChat

Nearly 77% of businesses believe customer management is a crucial competitive differentiator.

Well, the numbers speak for themselves!

Customer management is a real struggle in building a solid brand presence. LiveChat can help you with customer management and satisfaction by answering incoming sales calls, recommending products from the website and much more.

It is a chat widget that you can integrate into your BigCommerce store and start engaging with your customers. You can also leverage this tool to fulfil the communication needs between your current and potential customers.

Importance Of BigCommerce Integrations

BigCommerce integrations enable businesses to stay relevant and significantly grow in the ever-expanding digital ecosystem. To stay afloat in this digitally advanced world, it has become imperative for businesses to automate their manual processes and reduce data to achieve operational efficiencies.

To achieve these operational efficiencies, there are BigCommerce integrations that help businesses to synchronise their workflow.

We have mentioned the benefits of BigCommerce integrations to grow your business:

  • Automate The Workflow

According to a report by a reputable source, the world can save around 749 billion working hours by just automating 64% of their manufacturing tasks.

Automation is the key to achieving work efficiency. BigCommerce integrations can help you automate delivery tracking, sending notifications, emails, etc., and save time from the time that goes into manual work.

  • No Data Silos

Data Silos are a big hurdle businesses face today, adversely affecting a brand’s image. However, effective BigCommerce integrations allow enterprises to manage and protect the data stored across departments.

  • Simplified Inventory Management

Automated inventory management BigCommerce apps help eCommerce stores to eliminate fault-prone and time-wasting manual data entry work. However, you can manage your inventory by giving valuable insights like an overview of the in-stock or over-stock.

  • Better Customer Experience

BigCommerce Integrations are not only about managing your inventory and data, but they are also about helping organisations holistically. BigCommerce has some integrations that are helpful in customer management and help them to engage with the customers accurately.

  • Track Orders Effectively

BigCommerce integrations that help businesses in order tracking are a blessing in disguise. Automating delivery tracking and sending order confirmations keep the customers in the loop of the order fulfilment process, ensuring that your customers feel valued. Moreover, these order-tracking BigCommerce tools will give an accurate overview of the delivery estimates and delays.


Wrapping Up!

Unlock the full potential of the BigCommerce platform by leveraging these BigCommerce integrations. It is a full-suite robust platform that allows business to skyrocket their business by developing feature-rich and scalable solutions.

However, if you are ready to automate your business and enhance productivity in 2023, take advantage of the best BigCommerce integrations we mentioned above.

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