Configurable Product Creation In Magento

Configurable Product Creation In Magento

Configurable Product Creation In Magento

If we want products with different size options such as X, Xl, XXL and we want to keep stock info for each of the individual sizes separately, then we need to create configurable products and attributes to achieve this.

A Configurable product offers the customers a variety of options, which are selected from drop-down lists. For example, a 'tee shirt' that comes in 'three colors' and 'three sizes' would have two drop-down lists of options for 'Color' and 'Size'. Here the 'Size' & 'colour' are called 'Configurable attributes' and 'tee shirt' as 'Configurable product'.

A Configurable Product is essentially a collection of Simple products which are presented as options in drop-down lists.

Creating Configurable attribute in Magento

The basic steps for creating a configurable attribute in Magento are follows:

Step 1 : Login to Magento admin panel

Step 2 : Got to Catalog →Attributes →Manage Attributes and click “Add New Attribute” button

Step 3 : Give the necessary details as shown below

Step 4: Click on the tab 'Manage Label / Options'.

Step 5 : Give the attribute name and click “Add Option” as in below image.

Step 6 : Give the sizes of the product and select any default size option if you want.

Step 7 : Click the “Save Attribute” button and now we can see the newly added attribute in the list


Step 8 : Go to Catalog →Attributes →Manage Attributes Sets. Our new attribute will be in the 'default' sets. Click on 'default' set to assign our attribute to required sets.

Step 9 : Drag and drop the attribute size to any of the available sets.

Step 10 : Now we have created the configurable attribute size and assigned it to the general sets.

Step 11 : Re Index the data under System →Index Management

Creating Configurable Product in Magento


Please follow the steps to create a configurable product in Magento

Step 1 : Go to Catalogue → Manage Products and click “Add Product” button.

Step 2 : Select the Product Type as “Configurable Product” and click “Continue” as shown in image

Step 3 : Select the Newly added attribute “Select Size” from the available list of configurable attributes and click “continue” button.

Step 4 : Give the necessary details including Name, Sku etc. Set the “Visibility” as “Catalog Search” and “Status” as “enabled”.

Step 5 : Give the Price and select any category for the product.

Step 6 : Make sure that the “Stock Availabilty” as in stock and click “Save and Continue” button.

Step 7 : Here we are going to create the child products. Give the necessary details for the child product shown in below image

Please set the status as enabled, visibility as “not visible individually”. Select any size from the drop down and enter any quantity and click the “Quick Create” button.

Step 8 : Now we have created the new child product with size '1' as shown below

Step 9 : Create another child product with another sizes, say '2'  and 3.

Step 10 : Thus we have created the configurable product and its chid products with different size options

Step 11 : Go to front end see the newly created product

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