Why Magento Development Company To Your Store?

eGlobe bring the majority of the abilities and skills in Magento development. We help you figure out the ideas, concerns, and desires of your target market. Our skilled Magento developers gives you insight into what customers are looking for, and about the trending features to make the best eCommerce websites. When it comes to digging down to a single term. Magento platform can do much better than other. We as a Magento development company has provided the best and affordable Magento development in all industries. As a bonus, our Magento developers are always updated with the latest technology. Which means, we can deliver creative Magento eCommerce websites.

What are the benefits of using Magento to your business?

  • Advanced SEO Features

    Magento 2 offers advanced SEO features for driving traffic to eCommerce sites. This allows merchants to optimize SEO friendly, meta, URLs, Schemas, Sitemaps. And other marketing features improve your online business.

  • Custom Security Features

    Using Magento, you can customize the next levels of security permissions. Companies can use the highest levels of SSL to secure all your web pages and PCI Data Security as standard, which guarantees essential security features.

  • Magento 2 With Mobile Friendly

    Magento 2 offers advanced mobile friendly features which helps you to target mobile specific customers and to optimise your online business to make use of the high-end features offered by Magento.

  • Flexible Third-Parties Integration

    One of the significant Magento features is 3rd party integration. Tools such as payment gateways, APIs, shipping, CMS, CRM, ERP, SMS gateway, or any service, which uses the large set of web APIs could be easily implemented to your Magento based online store.

Top Reasons to Choose Our Magento Development Company

  • Transparent Workflow

    We eGlobe follows an agile workflow for all our Magento development tasks. That keeps the improvement process flexible for changes. We keep the project development process transparent and give out daily status updates.

  • Certified Magento Developers

    At eGlobe, we have a large pool of Magento certified developers with 12+ years of experience in eCommerce solutions. We provide web solutions that furnish functionality and performance well across different browsers. So, you can have the best Magento development company with the latest innovation.

  • Functional Integration

    Our Magento experts give reliable productive integration, with online transaction gateways, shopping carts as well as marketplaces. We always use the latest technology in which our clients can enhance their online business.

  • On time and in budget

    Client comfort with effective Magento development is available at competitive pricing systems. With top quality management in design, development & delivery. At eGlobe, 95% of projects are delivering on time and within the discussed budget.

Magento Development Companies Other Solutions

Magento Development Company India-At eGlobe

We’ve designed and built best-in-class eCommerce websites for over 10 years. Magento platforms are valuable in eCommerce. When you need higher limits, advanced functionality, stored data, or on-call support. We understand the value of your customers. As a leading Magento development company. We can build your digital presence through our eCommerce development expertise.

The practice of building the eCommerce web page is an expert level at eGlobe. As an offshore Magento development company we provide strong eCommerce solutions to our clients, which you will notice every page on your website. Features that we add in your webpages that puts more weight on your storefront, to boost your scalability.

In fact, in this competitive eCommerce world it doesn’t matter where your development partner is located at. At eGlobe, we are providing Magento services from India to our Client around the globe and to development companies around the globe to provide the best in class eCommerce websites in abidance to high-quality coding standards. We help you to stand apart from your competitors.

Magento Development Company 1

Magento 2 Development Service

As a Magento 2 development company. We help you to migrate your store or business to a new look with the latest trends in Magento 2 migration services.

Top Magento Development Services That Works

  • Magento Migration Services
  • PWA Integration
  • Magento Marketplace Solution
  • Magento Performance Optimization
  • Magento Enterprise Solutions
  • Magento Theme and design Customization
  • Magento Custom Extension Development
  • Magento Support & Maintenance
  • Magento SEO Service
  • Magento API projects
  • Magento Shopping Cart Development
  • Multi-store management


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    How many Team members will be provided to my Magento Project? Can you please name their roles?

    We are having a team of over 90 Magento Specialists. Based on your requirements we assign resources for your project. Normally the team size varies from 1-15, based on your requirements (we definitely can provide bigger teams as well). We have technical architects, who would be communicating with your business owners. To understand their requirements and plan the development team, and to ensure that strict coding standards are being followed. On bigger projects, the number of developers ranges from 8-15. There will be a dedicated Business Analyst working on the project. And he/she will communicate with the Clients on behalf of eGlobe team. This Business Analyst will be working together with a technical lead. To gather the requirements and to manage the project. If the team size is over 8+, we will assign a dedicated Project Manager to manage the team and Client communication. The team management will be handled by this Project Manager. Further such teams will be having a Business Analyst. To assist the Project Managers with documentation and schedule management.

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    Who will be the point of contact if I hire your Magento development service from eGlobe IT Solutions?

    Your point of contact could be a Technical Lead, Business Analyst, or Project Manager based on the size of the project and your requirements. This POC will be acting as the project delivery manager to gather requirements from you and will update you about the daily progress. POC gathers your requirements, provides feedback, and ensures the smooth delivery of the project. It will become more effective for your online business as you have transparency from our end during the entire project duration. All your requirements will be tracked in Project Management tools like Jira, Basecamp, Skype, Slack, Trello, etc. (Jira unless you have alternative preferences). Further, you will be having visibility on the progress on each ticket.

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    Do you have the understanding of handling Magento projects? Do you control all development work in-house?

    At eGlobe IT Solutions, we have a dedicated team of more than 90+ in-house Magento web developers. They have completed over 1,250+ Magento projects of varying sizes over the past 10 years. We do all our development work in-house. If at all we are not having in-house skills, we will make all efforts to hire suitable candidates from the market, for which we have a dedicated recruitment team, and will be informing the progress to our clients.

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    What is the pricing structure? what are the steps you follow if the budget exceeds?

    The pricing model differs from project to project. We understand the value of your investment. So, we are delighted to come up with a fixed price, hourly or monthly-retainer model based on your preference. Yet, for long-term ongoing maintenance, we recommend a monthly retainer to most of our clients.

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    Can we get the comprehensive source files once the project gets completed?

    Definitely yes! We always deliver the complete source files to the client as it’s a work done for our Clients and we value our relationships with all our Clients. However, before delivering source codes, we will be ensuring that we are paid for the development services that was done by our team.

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