How To Change Magento Admin URL

How To Change Magento Admin URL

How To Change Magento Admin URL

Are you still using admin as the administrator path for Magento? Then it’s time to change to unique,custom url from default 'admin' url.This can help to reduce the exposure of Magento sites from scripts of hackers.Changing default admin path is simple for anyone who knows to edit text in XML files. In this article we are changing from to

To change admin url there are two ways:

Method 1: Change in local.xml

Step 1: Navigate to app/etc/local.xml file under your Magento root directory and edit as given below:


Replacing admin path with new custom string ‘newpath’:


Step 2: Save the file

Step 3: Refresh the Cache from Magento Admin (System -> Cache Management)

Now, you should be able to access admin panel from

Method 2: Change from backend settings

This is another easy way to change admin URL from Magento backend admin settings.

Step 1: On the Admin menu, select System > Configure.

Step 2: In the panel on the left, under Advanced, select Admin.

Step 3: Click to expand the Admin Base URL section, and do the following:

3.a. Set Use Custom Admin URL to “Yes.”

3.b. Enter the name of the Custom Admin Path in the following format:

Step 4: When complete, click the Save Config button.

After the changes are saved, you must log in to the Admin using the new Admin URL and path.

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