Outsourcing Adobe Commerce Development vs. In-House Development: Pros and Cons

Posted on: 03 Apr 2023 by Kiran Revikumar

In today’s predominantly digitized business landscape, online sales have become crucial for businesses. As a result, eCommerce platforms are attracting significant popularity as they take business growth on an upward trajectory without the manual marketing and sales intervention we were used to.

eCommerce platforms like Adobe Commerce have become famous for businesses seeking a robust online presence. Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that is highly flexible and customizable and precisely meets every company’s requirements. It is why there are more than 2,67,000 live Magento stores globally.

With new Magento development trends emerging every year, choosing between in-house Adobe Commerce store development or outsourcing has put business leaders in a dilemma.

However, you must evaluate both approaches’ pros and cons before deciding.

This blog will walk you through the pros and cons of outsourcing Adobe Commerce development vs. in-house development to help you make an informed decision that explicitly meets your business requirements.

Let’s get started by weighing the pros and cons!

Outsourcing Adobe Commerce Development

A survey found that more than 70% of businesses prefer to outsource their IT development requirements because it allows companies to focus on their core business and eliminates the additional pressure of management.

Moreover, outsourcing development has exponentially increased in recent years as enterprises turn to global tech talent to achieve their absolute business goals. Outsourcing is the preferred choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes as the primary driver here is not just cost-cutting; it also offers a broad spectrum of additional benefits.

Here are the possible pros and cons of outsourcing Magento development:


Pros Of Outsourcing Adobe Commerce Development

Pool Of Certified Magento Developers

Finding a Magento development expert in your geographical area can be challenging, especially when new to the technology.

Therefore, broaden your horizon and hire top-tier Magento developers with extensive experience.

Leverage the expertise and proficiency of a pool of exceptionally talented Adobe Commerce developers by hiring a full-fledged Magento development company for your project.

These expert developers already have expertise in building feature-rich and intuitive Magento eCommerce stores that have generated unlimited leads; therefore, they can assist you in making a futuristic eCommerce store that will accelerate your business growth and revenue.

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Manage Workflow Seamlessly

Working with an outsourcing Magento partner helps you eliminate the pressure of managing the workflow. Onboarding an in-house team will take up much of your time and effort, whereas outsourcing companies already have the experience and are independent and self-organized. Therefore to reduce the additional pressure of management, find an adobe commerce development partner specializing in delivering business-specific solutions.

Enjoy Budget-friendly Solutions

Outsourcing your Magento development requirements comes at lower costs when compared to building an in-house team. You don’t have to worry about paying salaries, incentives, insurance, etc. All you have to do is pay a fixed pre-decided amount to your vendor.

Leverage More Core Competencies

Businesses must excel in all aspects to thrive in the ever-expanding eCommerce world. It’s evident that if you are developing a Magento eCommerce store, you don’t only require a Magento-certified developer. You will also need a UI UX designer, content writer, QA analyst and many more people to develop a fully-functional eCommerce store.

Outsourcing to a third-party vendor will get you full-suite Magento development services without bothering about the additional side roles and coordination. You don’t have to worry about hiring specialists as the work grows.

Eliminate Management Efforts

What’s better than getting a self-managed team? If you outsource your Magento development requirements to a reliable adobe commerce development company, you can avoid managing complex projects and focus on your core activities and enhancing them.

Faster Product Launch

Another advantage of outsourcing Magento development is the turnaround time. Hiring techs and coordinating with them will be a hell of a task. Hiring an organized team of tech experts to launch your eCommerce site will be much simpler and more cost-effective. They have accumulated vast experience by working for various people and niches. Therefore, as a team, they have a potent collaboration power; sit back and let them do their magic.

Streamlined Development Process

The development process is a challenging job. You must simultaneously juggle development, design, SEO, content, etc. If you assemble an in-house team, they will not have experience handling challenges or may not feel or collaborate as a group. Whereas an outsource development company will have rich experience in such scenarios; therefore, they can spearhead any development project in no time.


Cons Of Outsourcing Adobe Commerce Development

Lack Of Full Control

You won’t be able to track every activity of your development partner. Instead, you get updates through the weekly meetings or monthly reports or as and when an update is made. In addition, the development process will not be transparent; therefore, you have to be patient and trust them before putting their performance in question.

Possibility Of Communication Gaps

Outsourcing development can sometimes cause friction in communication channels. There could be possible communication barriers or confusion regarding deployment and delegation. Moreover, the team has to wait for approvals and feedback. There is no room for proactive communication.

However, these communication gaps can happen due to language and time zone differences. Eliminate these gaps by using proper communication channels and platforms. Global Magento development companies like eGlobe are aware of such issues and therefore use multiple channels and optimal services to combat them.


In-House Magento Development Team

On average, it takes many days to hire an in-house developer. However, to develop a high-quality product, you will need a development team, several team specialists, and a product manager to pull off the Magento eCommerce store.

Moreover, forming an internal team can take longer, and your project can experience delays. First, however, let’s review some of the pros and cons of hiring an in-house Magento development team.

Pros Of In-House Magento Development Team

On-Site Availability

In-house developers will be available on-site and work according to your business timings. This transparent work culture diminishes the queries and feedback cycle that occurs during the development process. In addition, as everyone is present in one place, it becomes easier to solve problems and give instant feedback.

Faster-Turnaround Time

With an in-house team, you can enjoy a faster-turn around period. Your in-house development team doesn’t have to wait hours and days for feedback; they can get quick, actionable insights into their development process.

Better And Fast Communication

With exact work timings and face-to-face discussions, it becomes easy for the team to carry out conversations smoothly. Also, better and fast communication will result in better product development.

Full-Control Over The Project

As a business leader, it is vital to have a completely transparent overview of the progress that is happening every day. Your in-house team will work in front of you and give constant updates about what is happening. Regular updates help you to define your development strategy further.

Unlimited Post-Development Support

You need to pay additional to the third-party vendors if you want post-development services; however, if you are hiring an in-house team, you can use their services to leverage dedicated post-development support. For example, they can help you with bug-fixing, updates, testing across browsers, and website maintenance per your project’s requirements. Moreover, you need to pay them less compared to outsourcing. They will do all this on their fixed salary.

Robust Security Compliances

In today’s data-driven world, it is vital to secure data. Data loss can not only harm your reputation but will also lead your business in jeopardy. Therefore, your Magento development team must follow and adhere to strict security compliances.

Adhering to security compliances is in your hands when you have an in-house team. You can make your development team sign an NDA to ensure robust security. NDA will ensure that all your business data is confidential and should not be shared outside.

Secondly, you can make your development follow HTTP protocols which ensure full website encryption.


Cons Of Magento In-House Development Team

Limited Scalability

It’s much easier to scale an outsourced development team depending on your requirements. For instance, you will not require a UI/UX designer after the designing phase. Now you can’t suddenly fire him once his work is done. On the other hand, with a vendor, you can team up or down depending on the project requirements.

Limited Expertise

One of the primary reasons why companies choose to outsource is that their in-house team will need more expertise. Business leaders have to pay much higher prices to bring expertise to the table!


Hiring a full-time team can strain your company’s budget, especially in today’s booming employment market. Annual salaries, benefits, incentives and training costs are some expenses companies must bear.



In conclusion, outsourcing development vs in-house development both have their own set of pros and cons. Outsourcing enables businesses to enjoy reduced costs, access to skilled talent, hassle-free project management, etc. Whereas in-house development allows businesses to have better control over the development process, facilitates more accessible communication and collaboration, and gives a better understanding of the company’s internal systems and processes.

Ultimately, the decision to outsource or develop in-house lies in the hands of the business leaders. It’s essential to consider the factors like project requirements, budget, timeline, level of expertise and resources required for the project. After carefully evaluating such factors, companies should choose the one that precisely meets their unique requirements.

If you decide to outsource your development requirements and grow your business exponentially, contact the highly skilled adobe commerce brains at eGlobe.

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