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  • Why A Travel Company Needs An Attractive Website?

    A website considered a great source of a marketing platform for a travel company. It is a place where you can share your availability and regularity all the time without unusual hindrances. A website should be responsive, user-friendly, and easy to operate. A travel company promotes itself through the best website to put trustworthy content. It may promote visitors and it would be a great platform to place tour packages.

    Why travel agencies needs a attractive website


3 Mandatory Secrets to Attract eCommerce Customers in 2020

By the beginning of 2019 the world of business has started to sharpen its economic growth through eCommerce Stores. Today it has become one of the most widely used e-business all around the world. Early people used to find individual stores for each product, but now as time changes way of shopping has also changed. Now, it is expected that about 80% to 90% of the world’s population has now switched their shopping destination to eCommerce Stores. Where they can find and interact with all varieties of product which they are looking for.

But, only having an eCommerce Site doesn't bring business. There are some important aspects to be noted the most.

Here below, let's find 3 secret things that 2019 customers really looking forward from an eCommerce Store.

Do you know why your eCommerce website customers are running away from your store? If you don’t have a proper answer to this question you should probably need to focus on improving your eCommerce customer experience.

The key to success for doing eCommerce business is who can easily understand the changing behavior of eCommerce customers, and can provide quality shopping experience and faster check out.

Step - 1: What are the Ways to increase eCommerce site speed?

Let's start from caching. This is one of the most common and widely used techniques to improve loading speed.

Nowadays most of the eCommerce store uses this technology to reduce time delay faced by a Customer. The main uses of cache are that it is the fastest memory and stores only the data which is needed for a customer.

Although caching helps in increasing speed but it has limitations, where it can only accommodate a small amount of data. So here the next option is to reduce the page size. Page size is another key factor which slows down the store.

Basically page size is measured in Kilobytes where it includes all the elements on a page like images, javascript, CSS, etc.

Here the best practice is to have a low profile page size through which it gains more speed and keeps your customers happy.

Next comes the role of CDN or Content Delivery Network.

This technique helps to cache content from anywhere in the world. For instance, this helps a customer to provide a better and smooth shopping experience.

While all the above plays a vital role in stabilizing the speed there are some more aspects to be noted like data compression.

Data compression is a process of reducing the size of data that is sent to a browser. Here this is done on the server-side before it gets on to the customer.

But here there is another side effect for this. Data compression can only be used in the latest browsers. Along with this images should also be optimized because images are always the first and foremost face of any product.

But there are other defects which an image can bring, which is it takes more time to get loaded and lags down the store.

So here it's important to be noted that before applying an image make sure of that dimension so that the browser will be able to create a proper placeholder for the particular image.

To this point we have covered some of the basic aspects now up here we are going to notice some advanced techniques like Round-Trip Times or well known as RTT. This one of the best techniques to implement. Here try to minimize the number Round Trips helps in gaining more speed.

For example, when a browser needs to access a javascript it will have to first combine the files into a single file and then access from the server. Here for this process, if there are more rounds it lags the loading speed. So try to keep the round trip as low as possible.

If a store is to be built there should be always a platform. Platforms are another key factor which determines the speed of the website.

When it comes to eCommerce store its better to use Platforms like Magento, Shopify, etc not because they are widely used but it helps in upstanding your website speed.

Beyond all these aspects comes the start of the show, Servers. Having a server is obviously a good factor but finding the best for the store is going to be a trickier part of this game. In simple terms, a server is known as the heart of a website.

Here server helps plays a vital role in increasing the speed.

While choosing there are many factors to be noted like choose a server which is able to handle more traffic without talking your website down, try to keep your server faster by sizing the ram, hard drive speed, CPU, etc.

Step - 2: How to Design an eCommerce Store?

Design of any website plays a massive role in drawing attention from a customer. In other words, an attractive website can provide an impression on the company behind the scene. Let's have a look on how to keep eCommerce Store attractive and Catchy.

Here first and foremost thing to remember is to try to keep store design more simple and elegant.

So that it helps a customer to find his/her products more flexible. But, if a customer shopping experience should become easy then there should be proper navigation, search functionality, clear labeling on products.

Now, navigation helps customers to find the categories and their subcategories. Usually, this is found on the top left of most of the stores.

Well navigation menu might not be a better option for some of the customers meanwhile there should be a better a search option so that it takes them to the appropriate product in a single click without wastage of time.

If these both are essential there another common factor is that product labeling. A product without a label refers to a body without life. So having a proper and appropriate label ends in a proper result of the sale. Then if these meet an eStore will it be a success?

As we know there are more features which should be added like highlighting the products as per there sale.

This should be done in a more attractive and elegant manner with high-resolution images in fresh new page.

Beyond this it’s also important to keep in mind is that when a product is showcasing along with the product should have a complete detail.

One of the most noticeable factors is to keep the name of the product simple so that customers could browse it easily.

Now comes the important part of any business, which is the payment gateway.

If payment is to be made there should be some products, be alert of payments because a customer buys more than one product should be calculated equality.

Now here design doesn't play a major role but, the role of design is still not completed.

If a customer needs to pay there should be a proper categorization of payments gateways, for example, Debit card, Credit Card, EMI, etc.

Here we have gone through different strategies but there is another important aspect to be remembered while selling any product.

Here comes the importance of an inventory department. A product which goes out of stock should always show which again comes in part of design along with this try to provide an inventory counter so that it gains attraction of customers and drives more business.

The last and most important factor is to give access to all those who want to buy products from your store. Which leads to a positive response from customers. These are some techniques on how the overall infrastructure of a store should be.

Step 3: How to design a Production Page?

The product page plays a major role in increasing your website's conversion rate. The most essential aspect of product page designing is its simplicity.

It has to be properly arranged and designed so that the customer can select the product with the features they prefer without any difficulty. The design is a key aspect through which conversion can occur faster.

So, try to keep the design of your store up-to-date. And if the store is built-in Magento try to have its proper Magento Services to keep it updated with all new features.

The essential factors that most consumers look upon include:

1. Product or seasonal offers
2. Quality images with the 360-degree view
3. Informative product description/details
4. Product videos
5. Customers reviews
6. Free shipping option
7. Return policy and product availability
8. Call-to-action button
If you want to convert a visitor into an eCommerce customer, the best way to do that is to make them comfortable with highly visible and trusted payment options on your site.

This page can also be mentioned as a customer decision-maker page in e-commerce websites.

A good shopping cart will give the customers instant access to the product details and the best offers that are available at the moment.

Improve the shopping experience to complete your customer's purchase

1. Reduce the steps of your check-out process
2. Ask for account registration after the sale
3. Showcase the selected products with features in the shopping cart with edit and remove the option
4. Provide a variety of payment options

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