What customers really want in an eCommerce websites?

What customers really want in an eCommerce websites?

Do you know why your eCommerce website customers are running away from your store? If you don’t have a proper answer to this question you should probably need to focus on improving your eCommerce customer experience.

The key to success for doing eCommerce business is who can easily understand the changing behavior of eCommerce customers, and can provide quality shopping experience and faster check out.

What 2019 Customer Really Need from your eCommerce websites

what do customers want in an eCommerce website?

1. Keep your eCommerce website load faster

Page loading time is obviously an important part of e-commerce website because most of the customers turn impatient.

Many online shoppers demand a good user experience comprised of user-friendliness, responsiveness, site reliability, and speed.

If your eCommerce sites don’t load quickly, many shoppers will simply click away to your competitor, which can lead to a loss in conversions and thus revenue.

Website speed is also a means by which customers evaluate your reliability as a merchant.

So, most of the eCommerce development company who builds e-commerce websites today will take a hard look to make sure your eCommerce website is having an optimum speed. 

2. Interactive eCommerce Website Design

Another important factor to attract the customer is the design of your eCommerce website. Creative and responsive web designs play a key role in promoting online sales at your store.

To keep customers engaged with your store, excellent e-commerce website designers and accurate product information is mandatory trough which you can increase the perceived value of your website thereby making it more trustworthy.

Keep the best eCommerce website builder simple and delicate as complex designs can create confusions and irritability on customers. 

3. Search capabilities

Most of the eCommerce customers wanted to get the product pretty faster which they are looking for.

Because most of them have got no time to sit behind this.

So, empower customers with your eCommerce sites search technology which let them find relevant products in the most efficient manner.

Also, the prominence of the search box on your website can influence the user's decision to make use of it by tagging products with relevant keywords.

4. Product Page Design

The product page plays a major role in increasing your website's conversion rate.

The most essential aspect of product page designing is its simplicity.

It has to be properly arranged and designed so that customer can select the product with the features they prefer without any difficulty.

The design is a key aspect through which conversion can occur faster.

So, try to keep the design of your store up-to-date. And if the store is built in Magento try to have its proper Magento Services to keep it updated with all new features.

The essential factors that most consumers look upon include:

  • 1. Product or seasonal offers
  • 2. Quality images with the 360-degree view
  • 3. Informative product description/details
  • 4. Product videos
  • 5. Customers reviews
  • 6. Free shipping option
  • 7. Return policy and product availability
  • 8. Call-to-action button

5. Shopping cart

If you want to convert a visitor into an eCommerce customer, the best way to do that is to make them comfortable with highly visible and trusted payment options on your site.

This page can also be mentioned as a customer decision maker page in e-commerce websites.

A good shopping cart will give the customers instant access to the product details and the best offers that are available at the moment.

Improve the shopping experience to complete your customer's purchase

  • 1. Reduce the steps of your check-out process
  • 2. Ask for account registration after the sale
  • 3. Showcase the selected products with features in the shopping cart with edit and remove the option
  • 4. Provide a variety of payment options

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