What is PWA ? The Definitive Guide on PWA Technology

What is PWA ? The Definitive Guide on PWA Technology

This is the most comprehensive guide to What is PWA.

In this skillful guide you’ll learn everything about what is PWA and how it made a quick impact on the internet users.

Lets start

PWA the most spoken word in the IT practitioners world, which comes with the web app technology on phone for real.

Do you know why this much Spotlight on PWA

Let’s quickly look at some interesting facts of PWA in web technology

In the last few years mobile users are increasing, furthermore billions of people use smartphones which increases their quality of life

So, the optimization of user knowledge on the phone is essential.

A quick snapshot on PWA

What is PWA?

An app which can act as a web page and native mobile app at the same time, to provide the best user experience.

If you are running a company and you are very much dedicated to getting the customers engaged to your business, definitely you will experience the web apps very close to the native apps.

Some of the peoples still thinking that PWA works with the help of UI frameworks, you are wrong not necessarily. PWA needs only the required components

Let's start discussing more what is PWA

What is the use of PWA?

You may have experience in using messengers like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber or some other apps, you can even access these platforms without the internet and you can read the previous message and reply to that, once internet comes back pending replied messages will be sent automatically in the background.

So once PWA feature is implemented on a website, users can be able to access webpages without the help of the internet. This is how PWA works on a web page

Hope you got an Idea now about PWA.

Now let’s jump into

PWA features

Have you ever experienced an issue in the loading of a website due to internet issues? Or have you noticed that some website might take too long for loading?

Well, these issues can be solved by implementing PWA which can be fast, secure, responsive, make compatible for all browsers, etc.

let’s have a look into more benefits of PWA.

  • Fast - With the help of PWA websites contents can be loaded 3 times more faster even with slow internet speed.
  • Secure - Most of the sites today have security reasons. For proving more security PWA provides a secure environment by implementing HTTPS connections.
  • Responsive - Having a responsive websites is an essential factor for websites. PWA sites implement responsive design strategies to provide a consistent experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Cross-browser compatible - PWA sites work equally well on all modern browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari.
  • Offline Mode - This is one of the most dominant factors of PWA sites. It uses a cache mechanism so that a user can access a website without the help of internet or having low internet speed.
  • Mobile “Install” - Most of the users doesn’t encourage in downloading apps due to insufficient space or having hardware issues. So with the help of PWA, this issue can be solved by saving the website and with this, it will act as a Mobile App.
  • Shareable content - Each page in a PWA site has a unique URL that can be shared with other apps or social media.

Beyond these, you can learn how to implement PWA in Magento 2 with this simple developer guide.

How PWA makes websites work offline?

I have the same thought on PWA. You may be considering this how accurately web apps work without the internet? .

Let's start progressive web app with an example

Imagine if you are in a long trip either officially or personally, you just open your fav mobile apps, sometimes it may not work due to the poor internet connection, you may get frustrated at that time.

Here comes the answer for you that is PWA (Progressive web apps).

The mobile app works on different scenarios like API, Framework, Designs, Development, User Features, and many factors.

Once you download and install an app on your phone some data is stored in the device.

I will give a quick example for better understanding

When a browser loads the file, it will ask whether you authorize data to be cached on your device.

Such access allows web-based mobile apps to work smoothly if the user loses their Internet connection.

PWA follows the same method to work offline with the function called service workers, which allow you to continue loading the app even if there is no internet connection on your device.

What is service workers in PWA?

Even in the absenece of internet PWA works

In PWA Service workers are intended to control network requests and serve in offline, caching contents, Push Notifications and background syncs.

Once you initiate something to load service worker starts running and only as long as the process needs it.

What is Web App Manifest File in PWA ?

The web app manifest is a simple JSON file that represents the browser about your web application and how it should behave when 'installed' on the user's mobile device or desktop. Having a manifest is wanted by Chrome to show the Add to Home Screen quick.

A standard manifest file includes knowledge about the app name, icons it should use, the start_url it should start at when launched, and more.

Here is an example of a Manifest File

  "short_name": "Eglobe",
  "name": "Sample manifest filename",
  "description": "Sample manifest file",
  "icons": [
      "src": "/images/icon_file_name.png",
      "type": "image/png",
      "sizes": "192x192"
      "src": "/images/icons-512.png",
      "type": "image/png",
      "sizes": "512x512"
  "start_url": "/?source=pwa",
  "background_color": "#3367D6",
  "display": "standalone",
  "scope": "/",
  "theme_color": "#3367D6"

As it Concludes

Today most of the CMS like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify etc have become compatible with PWA and above here you might be able to understand the various problems faced by companies all around the world. I am pretty sure that PWA can help your website react faster.

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