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Tips to keep Your Store at the Front for Increasing Holiday Season Sales

  • Tips to keep Your Store at the Front for Increasing Holiday Season Sales

    This is holiday season! Many ecommerce retailers are getting ready to get high traffic and sales opportunities. If you feel that you are less prepared for the season, then this is the best time to optimize your store to boost sales and revenue. For those of you who are not yet ready for the holiday season, here are certain tips to focus:

    1. Drive Sales with Promotions:

    Promotions are one of the best methods which can drive sales successfully, especially during the holiday season. To enhance the sales rate you have to ensure promotions are in place, by offering free shipping, discounted sales, etc. and should notify your customers about your offers, through social medias, newsletters etc. Trigger your customers with quick specific actions (such as Buy One, Get One Free) and functions as a call to action. Start early with your ecommerce website optimization and promotion to take advantage of the holiday sales season in the best possible manner.

    2. Engage Your Customers with Discounts & Deals:

    During holidays customers are in search of discounts and deals. Offering discounts and special deals are great ways to encourage the customers towards conversion. Also allow your customers to earn gift cards on their purchases and thereby encourage them to make repeated purchases from your site. Also, it would be great to reward your loyal customers and existing customers by sending some exclusive offers specifically for them being your customer.

    3. Grab attention by promising Fast & Free Shipping:

    Most of the online shoppers prefer free shipping offers during any festive season. You can also attain an advantage over the competition by offering free shipping with clear shipping details like order tracking, deadline dates and delivery guarantee. Also make the return policy as user-friendly as possible and communicate that effectively to your customers.

    4. Focusing on the Search Bar:

    One of the most ignored features of an ecommerce site is the internal search functionality. Always make sure that products and promotions are searchable on your site and you communicate that clearly to your customers via holiday offers so as to make sure that your site is well prepared for the holiday season. eCommerce store with search option could better convert visitors into customers, than those stores which does not have this option.

    5. Engage And Guide Your Customer with Email Marketing to Drive Sales:

    Start engaging your customers through email marketing especially while offering last minute gift ideas, stocking offers, cross sells and up-sells. During holiday season ecommerce businesses take the full advantage of the email marketing to engage the customer and attract them to their online store.

    6. Send Perfect “Abandoned Cart” Emails:

    Abandoned cart is a great way to push shoppers to complete their purchase from your store, especially in a holiday season. This is a highly effective way to increase your sales by offering discounts codes, awesome prizes and free gifts. It’s time to start thinking about the sales with custom emails to invite your buyers back. Start connecting with your buyers to recover lost sales.

    Here is how to send perfectly timed abandoned cart emails:

    • 1. Determine when your customer left. Once you have this information you can tailor your message.
    • 2. Send your first mail right way. It should seem like a help(reminder) to customers
    • 3. New consumers base spreading across tier 2/3 cities and semi-urban India, where traditional retailers are not having a local presence
    • 4. The third email should incentivize the shopper to complete their purchase

    7. Integrate Live Chat (24/7) and Call to Action:

    If you don’t have a live chat on your site, now it is the time to offer the live chat support to your customers 24/7. Generally holiday season means more traffic on your site so you can sync up your visitors with customer department and assist them to sell. To convert your visitors to customers, live chat support is the most considerable thing on your eCommerce store. Also you should ensure that everything is as simple as possible with a fast call to action.

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