This post explain How to remove manage navigation links in the customers account dashboard.The links in the customers account dashboard navigation are added via different layout XML files.

NameSpace : Egits

Step 1: Create a php file in app/code/local/Egits/Customer/Block/Account/Navigation.php:

class Egits_Customer_Block_Account_Navigation extends Mage_Customer_Block_Account_Navigation
 public function removeLinkByName($name)

Step 2: Rewrite magento  account_navigation with Egits_Customer_Block_Account_Navigation  a configuration XML file in app\code\local\Egits\Customer\etc\config.xml:


Step 3: Finally you can remove My Account links individually from your local.xml file as :


This is a list of all names for navigation links in account dashboard (in default order of their appearance):

•	account
•	account_edit
•	address_book
•	orders
•	billing_agreements
•	recurring_profiles
•	reviews
•	tags
•	wishlist
•	OAuth Customer Tokens
•	newsletter
•	downloadable_products