Order statuses improvement

Order statuses improvement

I took some time to install and do the quick check on Magento There was one thing that is impossible to miss: Improved order statuses. I remember the days when people requested that feature all over ther forum. Oh yes… what feature? Custom order statuses :) So, we have it out of the box finally! Or do we? Let’s see… No more configuration files! That’s cool. Everything is stored in database now. Users are able to create their own statuses and assign those statuses to some predefined order state. They can choose if they want it to be default status which is also cool. Let’s see how it looks…

Create new status

Order statuses improvement As you can see, all we need is to provide status code and status label which can be different for each store view.

Assign status to state

That one is straightforward too. Once status is assigned to the state, we can unassign it, set it as default status and similar magic. Seems cool right? Well… is it? Personaly, I expected more. Having possibility to add custom state label is not something that saves me a lot of work. Editing xml file or two doesn’t make much difference since this is not something you need to do over and over. I would be much more impressed if I saw custom order states. I mean who came to idea to call “status” something that is actually “real status” label? Dealing with custom order item statuses, partially shipped orders or even cancelled order items in non cancelled orders on everyday basis, having possibility to hack things around using admin panel instead of writing those to xml is not really something I couldn’t wait, but it is nice to see some coding begun to happen around those statuses.
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