Credible Guide On How to Hire Magento Developer [2019]

Credible Guide On How to Hire Magento Developer [2019]

how to Hire a Magento Developers

This guide will show you exactly how to hire a Magento Developer

One of the various challenging and daunting responsibilities every businessperson faces is hiring the right Magento Developer. Magento is an open-source eCommerce development platform that has been preferred by most of the eCommerce Development Companies.

For the past few years, the name Magento has gained a dominant role in the eCommerce Industries because Magento is entirely customizable which allows Magento developers to personalize an online shop according to a customer's specifications.

As per the global survey on Magento Stores, it is expected that around 30% of the store on the Internet is developed in Magento which is around 2,40,000 eCommerce Companies owns Magento eCommerce Stores today.

As per these reasons, eCommerce merchants hire Magento Developers for developing their online Store.

So, we came here with a detailed blog that covers about Hiring the Magento developer.

How to Hire Magento Developers

For providing a clear cut of this article, we have divided this article into 4 sessions which contains:

  • Why Hire Magento Developers?
  • What are the Factors to be known before hiring Magento Developers?
  • Where to Find the Best Magento Developers?
  • Conclusion

Why hire Magento Developers?

Before hiring a Magento Developer or a company it is important to be understood that why to hire a developer

Magento is one of the complex cms to be handled with. So, it can only be handled by a professional and certified Developer.

Here let's have a look at what are the advantages of Hiring a Magento Developer?

  • Development Time.
  • Hiring a professional and certified team of Magento developers consumes less amount of development time. They will be having a piece of strong knowledge on how to handle a project.

    Those developers are trained themselves in reducing the repetition of code which is a prime factor of saving the time.

  • Performance.
  • An expert developer is essential for providing a highly performable eCommerce Store. Performance is one of the important factors that help in the conversion ratio of a site. If you are not so familiar with technical aspects, a qualified Magento developer can guide you.

  • Design.
  • Having a fresh look at your site can attract more customers and scale on the store. Here hiring a professional Magento Developer will help you in implementing new and updated designs.

  • Implementing 3rd party modules.
  • There are many 3rd party modules available for Magento. Where each of them varies for different uses. Hiring Qualified Magento developers make an easy way to implement these modules at proper scenarios.

What are the Factors to be known before hiring Magento Developers?

Let's discuss below these factors in detailed

  • Understand Your Requirement.
  • What is the use of business without any necessity? Having a requirement is the most essential factor before constructing up of any Business. Here before contacting a team of Magento Developers making a detailed understanding of the project and preparing proper documentation will make it easy during the time of development. Having basic knowledge is just essential in preparing so rather than being an expert.

    By doing so, it gives a clear idea on all the advantages, disadvantage, Difficulties, Time Consumption, Requirements, focal points, budget, etc. through which a developer might be able to under all the requirements.

    Requirements can differ from project to project and person to person. So, there are two sets of requirements that most of the people demands. They are:

    1. Front-end Development.

    2. Back-end Development.

    Here is a detail look into these requirements.

    1. Front-end Development.

    A front end developer is responsible for all kinds of designs that appear directly in front of a user. They take care of color, layout, navigations, and other components that are displayed on a screen.

    An expert Magento front-end developer should have strong knowledge on HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and Magento CMS. One who is capable of handling these aspects smoothly can provide the most beneficial experience for a Magento Store.

    2. Back-end Development.

    When coming to the backend, Magento back end developers are known to be the most principal characters in building up a project. They are intended to work with that complex working mechanism of a Magento.

    Back end developers control over the codings, server, testing, database, and other related technical operations.

    For proper running of any website or store, these two are the most essential aspects.

  • Practice in Magento.
  • Hiring experienced Magento Certified Developers will always be a best practice. Because they will be holding the rich knowledge in handling a project by understanding all its essential factors even before the development begins and can provide more development quotes and suggestions for the store. Although in the absence of an expert, having a novice developer can also deliver the exact result as compared to expect but in more time consumption.

    Though Magento is an open-source platform, its workflow is comparatively different and tougher than other Content Management Systems.

    Magento possesses different kinds of Certifications as per the expertise in the Magento Platform. The Magento 2 Certification varies as follows:

    Magento 2 Certifications
  • Outsourcing.
  • Outsourcing a Magento project might be a better approach. Countries like India, Denmark, Sweden, etc have less engagement of development cost when compared to other UK and US countries. Here there can be a barrier of language issue affected by outsourcing projects to countries like India.

    Even-though communication will be a prime aspect it may not affect in any point of development.

  • Community.
  • Magento comes up with a huge community which consists of more than 3,35,000 stong commerce innovators. With this one can build a fully functional business by selling commerce functionalities which have been already developed or can create new extinctions capable of adding new functionalities to an Online Store.

  • Company Rather than a Developer.
  • There will always be an enormous difference in finding a professional Magento Development Company and a Magento Developer. As the project gets bigger it becomes more difficult to handle with a developer. At the same time, Magento possesses some core features which might become a trickier task in handling by a developer.

    When it comes to a development company process gets a little simpler. At a company, there might be an end number of developers with different capabilities who can handle different kinds of scenarios.

    Even before hiring a development company there are some important aspects to be known like their experience in this field, projects they have engaged so far, what their clients say on them and some basic understanding of the company.

  • Case Study/Testimonials.
  • An able developer or a fully-established Magento development company should always be having a bunch of case studies to be present in front. Depending on the area of development they might have categorized their testimonials.

    By analyzing this one can clearly understand what to expect and whatnot. Another useful quote is to be noted that, there might be some requirements in common which most prefer. Having a detailed overcome through this supports a merchant to understand whether they are capable of meeting those needs.

  • Online Reviews.
  • Magento Development Company Review

    Reviews give a fair view on the overall character of a Magento developer or a Magento Development Company. Nowadays it is considerably easier to find so. There are many authorised platforms like GoodFirms,, Yelp and so on.

    Beyond there are some other most trusted sites for reviewing like Facebook Pages, Google Reviews, Instagram. Although these are social media they help in understanding the social behavior of a company or developer.

  • Project Estimate.
  • Estimating the Magento Project development time is always a prime aspect for finding the best developers as a freelancer or from a company. One who is experienced in Magento development can easily estimate the time for every development process step by step. Their main aim is to keep their clients happy and fulfill their requirements.

    Meanwhile having a less estimate on a big project may not encourage in producing the perfect outcome. Because Magento has a pretty tough concept and can't be developed in a haste.

  • Cost of Magento Development.
  • Cost of Magento Development varies upon the size of the project to be handled with. Depending on the Platform chosen, whether Magento or Magento 2, the cost may vary.

    When it comes to Magento 2, developers will have to estimate their time to a long span due to its complexity in development. Compared to Magento, Magento 2 is entirely different from its root.

    For getting the best result form a Magento 2 Developers ensure that they can offer features like Stability, Proficiency and Consistency.

  • Development Cycle.
  • Development Cycle delivers a complete report on the development structure of any project. When it comes to Magento development, the development cycle gets a slite different touch.

    By choosing an experienced Magento Developers, they can efficiently provide the construction cycle and the current statement of the Project they handle. With the help of this client might be able to provide new changes if necessary.

  • Testing/Quality Analysis.
  • Before the Magento product goes to the production stage, having a quality analysis test might be a better idea. This is one of the crucial and most important aspects of the development process in Magento or any other platforms.

    Making sure of having an experienced QA team in a company is an essential part. This team is responsible for the final test of a product by analyzing the code and resolving the errors occurred.

  • Safety and Security.
  • Although Magento is the most complex development platform, sometimes it may also lack in providing safety and security. In eCommerce business there in some area, some people are eagerly waiting to hack off the data, and this is called cybercriminals.

    So, make sure that the development company or the development team is capable of providing the 2 step authentication security features for the Magento Store.

  • Post Production Help.
  • As the Magento projects get finishes there might be chances of occurring errors at some part of the development which can only be identified during the product is on a real scenario.

    Make sure the development team will be supporting on even after the development process completes and live.

    These are some of the common factors to be kept on mind before hiring Magento Developers.

    Where to Find the Best Magento Developers?

    When looking to hire Magento Developers, most people turn to their search on Google, which can be a good place to begin. There you can seek the Magento Development Company for your striving Magento development project.


    As the article concluded by making you understand that this hiring cycle is not only applicable for hiring a Magento Developer but for all others as same.

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