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  • Why A Travel Company Needs An Attractive Website?

    A website considered a great source of a marketing platform for a travel company. It is a place where you can share your availability and regularity all the time without unusual hindrances. A website should be responsive, user-friendly, and easy to operate. A travel company promotes itself through the best website to put trustworthy content. It may promote visitors and it would be a great platform to place tour packages.

    Why travel agencies needs a attractive website


Magento 2 versions from 2.3 have a replacement for traditional install/upgrade schema which is used to maintain the database structure.

From Magento 2 version 2.3, they have introduced the declarative schema file for database (etc/db_schema.xml) which is used to maintain the database structure for a module.

Now you can forget about untidy install/upgrade file and see the latest database structure version of a module in a single file.

For Magento 2 to identify the database schema changes, you need to maintain a file db_schema_whitelist.json against which Magento will compare your database structure from db_schema.xml and decide to update the database structure of your module while executing bin/magento setup:upgrade command.

In order to create the db_schema_whitelist.json in your Magento 2 module, you can run the below command:

php bin/magento setup:db-declaration:generate-whitelist [options]

Where [options] will be,
–module-name[=Modulename] specifies the Module name to generate a whitelist.

Official Magento 2 documentation:

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