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Vanilla Underground

Client Says

Working with these guys has been a breath of fresh air. We have had countless problems with developers over the past year and finally we have found a team that has not only met the deadlines we set them, but far exceeded our expectations. They are excellent communicators and VERY skilled developers. They have delivered above and beyond what we asked of them and we are thrilled to have found our new technical partners. This team will be part of our business for as long as they are happy to work with us. Fantastic!

About Vanilla Underground

Vanilla Underground is primarily dedicated for the fans of movies, music, TV, art, gaming and comic books, looking for the latest fashion in t-shirts, hoodies, vests, sweaters, dresses, accessories, toys and gifts for men, women and kids.

Vanilla underground turned to us when they were struggling with the performance of the work done by another agency who were given a period of 4 weeks for completing the task. The company had scheduled its launch coming up within the next three days. Only during the final stages of QA they learned that there were numerous issues on the work done by other team and that it was going to affect their marketing campaign scheduled to happen in the next four days.

Thus they approached us and conveyed their issue and we had this huge challenge to get everything in order in the next 3 days.

Work: Understanding the situation, our team worked day and night for 3 continuous days and resolved their issues on time and thus they could launch their website as per their marketing schedule. Other than server issues we found certain other modifications which could help to improve the performance of their website and issues with the coding standards of their existing codebase. Thus we joined hands and is their development partner for over 3 years in a row. We are currently providing continued development and maintenance services, along with management of their integration with 3rd-party solutions like PeopleVox, Linnworks, eBay, Amazon and other market places.