eScreen is an interactive touchscreen device that allows shoppers to explore the retailers near them with the same user experience as of any online shopping application.

eScreen is an instore software application where customers can feel and touch the products and also enjoy online shopping.

eScreen Application Development 1

escreen application development

eScreen Application

eScreen provides shoppers with a hassle-free shopping experience by not waiting in the queue or dealing with sales personals, making shopping fun and memorable, and gives the customers the new experience of shopping.

The customers can scan their phones to get discounts & take selfies and share them in social media, friends instantly.

MOBILE APP provides..

escreen application development
eScreen Application Development 2

Enhance Retail Buying Experience and Engagements.

eScreen Application Development 3

Increase product upselling and cross selling.

A virtual marketing and sales person.

eScreen Application Development 4

Convenient and Easy price comparisons.

eScreen Application Development 5


The mirror is an in-store device that recognizes the products in hand with the customer and displays it on the screen making in-store shopping fun and entertaining. Mirror replicates an e-Commerce shopping experience by providing product info, media contents, and recommendations.

  • Product detection via RFID or Barcode
  • Display product information and stock availability
  • Display product related images and videos
  • Display recommended products for cross sell and upsell