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Multipurpose Carousel Pro

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This Multi-purpose carousel module can help you by making an ‘image carousel’ where you can give your customers a chance to upload their images to your site, where they can act as a model in your site.
Moreover, this module also helps you to create a product carousel in your website listing the selected products. Above all, this module can also be used as a Banner carousel for your homepage.

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This multi-purpose Magento module from eGlobe provides three great features for your eCommerce site: 1) Your customers themselves can act as a model for promoting your product. You can approve or disapprove the images uploaded by your customers through back end. 2) You can create a product carousel in your home page, Category page or other CMS pages, where you can decide which all products needs to be highlighted in this carousel 3) You can manage a banner slider in your home page. You can create as much carousels as you wish by installing this module. This module can help in improving your brand image thereby increasing your sales. Carousel can enable you to put forward a new promotional method in your website and you can invite your customers to actively engage with your webstore!!!

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Our customers can market our products now.
We were searching for an application which could allow our customers to help us in promoting our products. Carousel Pro helped us in allowing our customers to become models for our products. The option for reviewing the photos for approval in the backend is an added advantage. Thank you eglobe for this brilliant application.
Review by Nick (Posted on 08-Mar-2015)