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Casestudy Soybu

About Soybu

Active Fashion Group - Soybu is active fashion for life on the go which was established in 1998. Whether you’re working out or dressing for a special night out, their apparel is designed for performance, style and fit.

about company

Issues faced by Soybu

Soybu turned to us when it was facing major issues with its site. The performance
of the site was too bad.

  • They were also facing issues with managing the orders.
  • They needed a whole sale store and Inventory management system.

How eGlobe helped Soybu

Our team investigated on the issue and found that they had purchased the theme which was causing the issue. Solution provided by our team was,

  • Implemented coding standards.
  • Implementing the additional functionalities.

The whole site was rebuilt and some major bugs were fixed.

Wholesale site functionality was implemented to the existing site and a new site was built for AWS USA outlet active.

what we did

Major Accomplishments

Removed unwanted code, modules and multiple functionalities which were affecting the performance of the site. The performance was increased by 74%.

  • Changed the look and feel of the site which made the site lighter than it was before.
  • Integration with ERP was done which helped Soybu to manage everything at one common place.