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Casestudy Bhcosmetics

About Bhcosmetics

BH Cosmetics is one of the top cosmetics brand in US, with headquarters at Greater Los Angeles. Championed by a strong online presence, BH has grown to a new peak and established itself as a leading online cosmetics retailer.

about company

Issues faced by Bhcosmetics

BH Cosmetics turned to us when it discovered its large advertising campaigns were driving thousands of users to its site, but resulting in high levels of abandoned baskets. The performance of the site was too slow, (e.g.: if there are 1000 users visiting the site at the same time, the site will crash).

How eGlobe helped Bhcosmetics

We began with a comprehensive code audit which resulted in us refactoring the site’s code. We used Akamai for better performance and caching. We also used various other services to increase the site performance and make the site lighter. The ground-up refactoring of the website had the following effects:

  • When big sales happens there where more than 10000 users access the site at the same time.
  • The speed of the site load was increased 3X times than it was earlier.
what we did

Major Accomplishments

  • Integration of various services like payment methods, address verification, third party services and Akamai integration.
  • Now we have at least two major sales happening a week without any issues.

Big Sale days for BH

The Cyber Weekend and Black Friday of 2017 was a crucial date for BH. In previous years, the site had suffered downtime with just a few thousand users. It now needed to support a predicted $1 Million of transactions. In these events, BH smashed its sales targets and created new records in its sale history.

  • Over $1 Million sale in one day for both the events.
  • Zero downtime, where the site had 5000 to 6000 users in an average throughout the day.
  • Sale increased 41% than previous years.