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Casestudy 12Retech

About 12 Retech

12 Retech combines digital with real-life for a unique shopping experience. 12 bring next-gen shopping technology to retail stores. 12’s app gives consumers the ability to interact with products, retail stores, and social media on their mobile devices. 12 works with all retail stores and makes shopping easy and fun.

about company

Issues faced by 12 Retech

12 Retech despite its large brand portfolio and extensive global presence, its interaction with end users was very less. To improve its digital engagement, the organisation formed a partnership with eGlobe to develop its global digital brand environments by launching new brand sites.

  • The software was customized for a particular client and had scalability issues.
  • Need to upgrade 12 Retech 1.0 to 12 Retech 2.0 to accommodate more features.
  • A robust foundation to begin selling direct to consumer.
  • To support various range of devices.

How eGlobe helped 12 Retech

With PHP at its core, the eGlobe team built a flexible platform to support 12 Retech to upgrade 12 Retech to 2.0. Making the most of its adaptability, we integrated reusable components, custom modules and templates to make it easy for them to launch new features.

  • 12 Retech admin was introduced and it acted as a mother ship, which helped 12 Retech to manage all the stuff at one place.
  • 12 Retech 2.0 was flexible and customization was made easy for different clients.
what we did

Major Accomplishments

  • Based on a shared and single scalable platform, 12 Retech has increased control of its digital presence.
  • The suite offers a spectrum of smart devices from mirror to display screens to kiosks and more which helped in reaching new customers, increase visibility across all channels, and provide better service.
  • This is advanced retail technology and it's proven to help increase sales and earnings.
  • These new features pulled users back to the store from online shopping.