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  • Why A Travel Company Needs An Attractive Website?

    A website considered a great source of a marketing platform for a travel company. It is a place where you can share your availability and regularity all the time without unusual hindrances. A website should be responsive, user-friendly, and easy to operate. A travel company promotes itself through the best website to put trustworthy content. It may promote visitors and it would be a great platform to place tour packages.

    Why travel agencies needs a attractive website


How to Reorder Magento JavaScript Using Layout XML?

If you want to force the load order of Javascript included with the addJs method, the easiest way is to supply a name using the .
You can use the element, with name attribute in it.
Magento will load the Javascript files in alphabetical order based on the name supplied.
Let's jump into the live source code given by the Magento Development Company



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