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Install Magento 2 extension in 3 Simple methods

Magento 2 extensions can be installed in 3 different ways: via Composer, via ZIP-archive, and via Browser.

If you’re looking to install your Magento 2 extension, you’ll love this step by step tutorial. 

We have added 3 different methods to install the Magento modules

Method 1, Installing the extension from third-party resources will be shown in detail.
Method 2, we will learn to install the extension from Magento Store.
Method 3, Install via admin web setup wizard will be discussed.

The choice of method depends on the way the module appears in the system.

Now, let's dive into the methods to Install Magento 2 Extension.

Method 1: Installing Magento 2 Extension from third-party providers

If extensions were purchased or downloaded from any third party providers, you will have to install those extensions manually from the downloaded zip file.
Let's check on how to do it.

Steps to install:

1. First step is to unzip the file.
2. Then, create a directory called app/code/COMPANYNAME/MODULENAME into the root directory of your Magento installation where COMPANYNAME and MODULENAME should be replaced by the module internal identifier. You can easily find it from the composer.json file in the extension ZIP file you downloaded. After creating the module directory, put the contents of the extension file in there.
3. Next step, In CLI go to Magento 2 root directory Run: PHP bin/Magento setup:upgradev.
4. In that, Run: PHP bin/Magento setup:static-content:deploy.
5. Last step, Clear all Cache.

Method 2: Installing Magento 2 Extension from Magento Store

In this guide we will show how to install manually from the zip file.

Please follow the 5-step installation as below.

1. As the first step, Install via the composer.
2. While installing your extension via composer, it is required to install the composer first. At the same time, you must have your access keys in handy to install.
3. Next, Navigate to My Profile in Marketplace, then choose Access key in My Products section as shown below.

Magento 2 Extension Installation Guide

4. Then, you will get a public key and private key for installing Magento 2 extensions as shown in image below.

Magento 2 Extension Installation Guide

5. Now, you can go through the following steps to install Magento extension via composer.

Steps to install:

1. First, Find the extension you want to install and check the Technical Details in My Purchase.
2. Next, Navigate to your project directory and update the composer.json file composer require :
Ex: composer require egits/push-notification:1.0.0.
3. Then, Run: php bin/magento setup:upgrade.
4. Now you have to Run: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy.
5. In the last, Clear cache and Magento 2 extension will be installed.

Method 3: Installing the Magento 2 Extension via admin web setup wizard

1. First, Go to Magento admin navigate to System ---> Web Setup Wizard ---> Extension Manager.

How to Install Magento 2 Extension

2. Here we see that the extension manager lists each component that is installed and also used to synchronize any extensions you have purchased. Now click 'Review and Install', as shown in image below.

How to Install Magento 2 Extension

3. As the next step, you will get a list of modules that are ready to install. Find the module that you want to install and click 'Install'.

How to Install Magento 2 Extension

4. Next, start readiness check.

How to Install Magento 2 Extension

5. If you face any readiness check error, check your Magento 2 system requirements and make changes as required.

How to Install Magento 2 Extension

6. Once the errors are resolved, you will get a readiness check complete message, then, click 'Next'.

How to Install Magento 2 Extension

7. Now, you will get an advisable message to take a backup before installing an extension.

Magento 2 Extension Installation Guide

8. Click 'Next' when the backup is done.
9. Now you will see the installation status.

Magento 2 Extension Installation Guide

Follow the above steps and your Magento 2 extension is installed.

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