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eGlobe IT Solutions

Mission Statement

eGlobe strives to provide high-quality eCommerce Solutions that comply with a set of standards second to none to give our clients the benefits of offshore outsourcing.

Vision Statement

eGlobe’s vision is to become the number one global e-commerce solutions provider by providing our clients with high standard development services enabling them to concentrate on their core business needs, thereby relieving the burden of execution, communication and resource management and hence allowing clients to enjoy the savings and benefits of offshore outsourcing.

about us


eGlobe over the years has partnered with several major eCommerce businesses, to provide high-end desktop and mobile applications, with Coding standards matching to the best in the Industry. We are partners with many creative digital agencies, both large and small, from global network agencies like www.onepica.com, to independents and individual firms worldwide, since our formation. We are proud to partner with some of the best-in-class digital agencies based in US, UK and Australia. While every partnership is different, we have found that we learn and share crucial information about the direction of the industry by working with other leaders in the field. We have created a powerful blend of well-defined pragmatic internal processes and business practices that are designed in accordance with internationally recognized standards covering almost all aspects of technology and business. These standards in coding and development process provide the specifications and guidelines which ensure that our products and services are smart, reliable and of superior quality. We employ a proven cost reduction strategy to maximize your outsourcing relationship and help you get the most from your investment which has become a necessity in this financially challenging environment. The great thing is that our complete service is designed around your interests and budget, so you can select service that best suits your needs and budget, with our passionate team at your disposal to perfect your business plans. We overcome the problems of a language barrier, cultural difference, time zone offsets with a fully flexible outsourcing team. We can even send an expert onsite team to your location to develop projects that reflect and enhance the values and dynamics of your business, reinforcing the brand in line with the status and audience of the company. We optimize the ratio of onsite/offsite resources on a project by project basis to maximize the outsourcing benefits. eGlobe works closely with clients. We have a different way of working with clients that allows us to build deep trust-based partnerships with them, which often endure over several years. Our group has a proven track record of success in delivering excellent results and achieving remarkable levels of client satisfaction.