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Client Says

We're on our second year working with eGlobe and I have to say that I am extremely satisfied with their high-quality Magento development service. I’m highly impressed with the quality of design & development services performed by the eGlobe team. Time zone differences and responsiveness were two of the major concerns I had in the initial stages, but the professional services provided by eGlobe has been excellent and all my worries were sorted out right from the initial days! eGlobe helped me to create a beautiful eCommerce website, and they are very much aware of the latest trends in Magento Development which gives me confidence that they are the right partner for the long run. Sharing an excellent working experience with them, I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional and skilled Magento design & development team.

About Retract-a-gate

Retract-A-Gate is one of the majors in the retractable gate segment and is having online stores spread across the US, Canada, UK and rest of the European region. Our partnership started early 2015 and is on-going for the second year with this major online business in the US.

Work: We have started initially to fix the issues on their existing site, which was happening mainly due to poor Magneto coding standards followed by the previous developer. Upon fixing the coding standards issues, we have optimized the server configuration and further assisted in changing over the server to a more stable provider. We have redesigned their existing site and is maintaining the connection between Magento and other 3rd party solutions like Quickbooks, M2ePro, etc. Our relationship with this major is further extended to optimizing their intranet solutions where custom solutions are being developed.